CSR Advisory Baseline & Impact Assessment

ISDA - Infrastructure Skill Development Academy

A baseline survey happens right before a project kicks off, and it helps the organization to gather information about the state of different variables in the systematic investigation. It also helps to understand the status quo and identify priority areas for the projects In some way, a baseline survey allows you to define where you are and where you are going, in terms of the project. Simply put, it measures key conditions (indicators) before a project begins against which change and progress can be assessed. We help organizations and corporates in conducting baseline survey for gathering information before the project kicks off.

Impact assessment is an evaluation whose purpose is to attribute outcomes and impacts to project operations. It does this by establishing a counterfactual, which is what would have happened in the absence of the project. The counterfactual is what differentiates impact assessment from other forms of project evaluation. An impact assessment aims to create a valid control group, whereas a project evaluation does not. In contrast to other forms of project evaluation, which focus on outputs and outcomes (the left-hand side of the causal chain), impact assessment focuses on outcomes and impacts (the right-hand side of the causal chain), and utilizes more sophisticated data collection methods and instruments

Our Impact assessments serve several complementary objectives.

  • Assess the impacts (both intended and unintended) of value chain projects, measure the magnitude of the impacts, and determine the causal factors underlying the impacts.
  • Improve the effectiveness of existing and future value chain projects.
  • Inform decisions about future value chain programming.